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Project Management

PS Promotions is your one source for integrated print and mail services.  Our Total Project Management (TPM) solutions combine paper and electronic communications to improve productivity, reduce costs and increase the value of shared information.  We can help manage your communications processes from the project planning stage through fulfillment, distribution and beyond.

PS Promotions services include consultation, graphic design, web design, print management, product sourcing, inventory management, distribution and order fulfillment.  We also offer custom eComerce solutions that will allow you to centralize purchasing and manage your communications.  Whether your project involves a targeted mass mailing or an online procurement system, PS Promotions understands the value of integrated solutions that streamline processes and maximize efficiencies.

PS Promotions production experience and capabilities are second to none.  Through our network of infinite resources, you gain access to an endless selection of printing options, business documents, labels and promotional products.  We can manage every aspect of your program from concept development to graphic design to final production.  We adhere to the highest production standards and offer quality assurance measures to ensure your program will be a success.

Mailing Services
For targeted mailings and mass distribution, PS Promotions employs sophisticated mail sorting
Software that helps maximize postal savings.  We establish unique programs to consolidate mailings and reduce postage and volume, and we identify opportunities for rapid delivery at the lowest postal rates possible.  We also take advantage of today’s most advanced technologies including CASS certification to verify mailing addresses and Variable Data Print, which allows you to reach your audience on a personal level.

Direct Marketing with PS Promotions Customized Market Mail
Most people visit their mailbox daily.  In today’s challenging economic climate, specific types of mail adverting offer a valued, solution-based marketing channel.  This is especially true when using an envelope-free, “green”, easily recycled, quality plastic multi-sensory vehicle that will “stand out”, “get notices”, and create action towards the measured results that are demanded today.  That is penetration with targeted effectiveness that will not be soon forgotten.  Stop irritating the very people you look to attract with only a hope of getting a response. 

Advice: mail with a piece that is truly unique, that will make a real difference, which will capture your audience. Join the company's that are getting the attention they need by mailing with Ps Promotions.

Imagine getting colorful car-shaped mail in a mailbox full of traditional, boring white direct mail pieces!  Don’t forget to ask us about peel-out cards for redemption or business contact information.

    • Almost any shape available 3.5” x 5” up to 12” x 15 “ and up to .75” thick for direct mail campaigns
    • High impact, shaped, colorful, plastic direct mail pieces requiring no envelope
    • Any shape you can dream up.
    • In houses within 3-5 days of drop.
    • Not just mail, an impact full impression that sticks with you for weeks, months, even years!